New Website

One thing about being in lock-down for two months, is that it gives you a bit of thinking time. I have decided that I need an author website. It’s something that I have been putting off for ages. For many people the technical aspects of publishing are not too difficult, certainly the generation after me have been brought up using the necessary terminology. I, so far, have found every step to be frustrating. I am in no way a technophobe. I love the possibilities that technology offers, what I don’t have is the background. I don’t speak the language, the culture is alien and so far my attempts have been dismal.

I should know how to do this though, I relocated to Spain ten years ago and had to learn a new culture and a new language. Even now my Spanish isn’t fluent and I can’t cope with dinner at 10pm followed by a concert or a party, or not too often anyway. I will never be mistaken for a native, but I do have coffee with my neighbour, chat with Spanish friends in town, eat in the restaurants, and use local shops all without much thought. In other words, I know enough to integrate and join in.

I am hoping that this venture into a career, which is rooted in technology, will work in the same way for me. That even if I am never an expert, I will learn enough to be part of a community of Indy authors, and to have books for sale which people don’t think twice about buying. Every day I learn a bit more, so if you do find something of mine, books, blog pages, website, which looks odd, please be patient. Don’t assume that I don’t care, I do. I just haven’t learned how to do it properly yet.

I hope that you will visit often, because once my skill level catches up with the scope of my imagination there are an infinite number of worlds for us to explore together.

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