Mass Murder

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“Have you got an idea for your next book” a friend asked,

“Yes five priests get murdered at different points along the Camino,” I answered absently.

“How and why” she asked looking horrified.

“Well, I haven’t worked out all the details yet but it’s a starting point.”

“I am so glad that I can’t see into your mind” she replied “I don’t know anyone who idly daydreams about murdered priests.”

The sad truth is that up until then, I thought that everyone did. Not priests in particular, but the consequences of crimes going unchecked, or the possible reasons for someone to kill another human being. Theft is less likely to have a backstory but a murder almost certainly has. I have always told stories to myself, worked through the possibilities and tried to find endings. It got me through school, through boring office jobs, mums and toddler groups and all those other parts of life which are necessary but not always interesting.

Writing it down is a recent thing, I never thought it was really possible before.

We are both writers my friend and I and she too gleans ideas from all over the place. The difference is that she doesn’t randomly kill people off. But then she is much nicer than I am. I already have my next victim in mind, together with the murder scene. Mind you for me it happens so often I need a queuing system.

So Mass Murder is published today, the plot was more complicated than I intended, but the subject is a serious one. In part it is about what happens when evil is allowed to remain hidden long past the time when all concerned know what needs to happen.

The subject I raise will be debated for a long time yet, but there are and were always, good people. I hope that I have shown both the good and the bad.

For those of you who read my last but one blog, my fears of being swamped with giant marrows has been realised, so who knows maybe my next victim will be killed with a wheelbarrow full of vegetables. Or that Steve, who grew them, is no longer safe now I know he shares this genetic giant marrow growing trait with his father.

On the other hand if you have a fondness for marrows feel free to come and collect one.

No, I’ve never met anyone who actually likes them either.

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