Jo’s Journey. This month’s free story.

Every month anyone who subscribes to my mailing list will get a free short story. This is not the story that you receive for joining, but another completely new story. This month’s story is called Jo’s Journey and it won first prize in last year’s Good life in Galicia writing competition.

It is the story of how a single middle-aged woman ended up living in a village in Galicia. More than that it is a story of how despair can turn into hope.

It starts with Jo heartbroken; her husband of many years has left her for another woman, an age-old story.

In my mind it started with a ‘what-if’.

What-ifs are at the core of storytelling. Begin with a normal situation, a situation that we all recognise then ask yourself. What if…? The answer to that question is your story.

This was also my chance to describe the place I now call home. In telling you what Jo loved, I am telling you what I love about being here.

The story is available in the Goodlife in Galicia 2019 anthology on Amazon.

The Newsletter with the link to the story will go out on Friday the 25th so there is still time to join my mailing list if you haven’t already. You can do so here. You will get a link to Eliva’s Ghost, a short thriller in the Camino de Santiago series just for joining.

Jo’s Journey will be replaced with a new story on the 25th of next month. I hope that you enjoy it.

Galicia in Autumn

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