The End and a Beginning

Can you get so fond of characters that you don’t want to let them go? Well, in my case, yes you can. Alex Whittaker started out as a practice character. I had only ever written a short story before and I wanted to try something longer, so I created Alex, a character with a real back story and some potential and then wrote a novella about her. That was almost the end of her. Writing a book of any length was quite difficult. And I wasn’t at all sure that I would continue. I didn’t know what genre I wanted to write or anything about self publishing.

Although I didn’t know what I was doing and got mixed up with genres and muddled on how to structure a series, I ended up with a trilogy. The Treasure of Saint Bee series. Common sense dictated that I leave it there.
Alex and her police officer fiancé finally got engaged after helping to solve at least three Murders and recover a treasure trove. Jerry left the police force for an exciting new job and they sent the bishop, who had caused so many problems for Alex, to prison after she discovered he was running a criminal network. A good place to finish, I thought.

You can find all those adventures here.


I have learnt so much about writing, story structure, genre and publishing that I wanted to write a new series. Full length this time and closer to the traditional murder mysteries I was aiming at.

Somehow, though, I ended up writing about Alex’s wedding. A short story just for my mailing list, I told myself. Thirty -six thousand words later, I ended up with Rings Bells and Murder. Because I had promised, my subscribers have already received a free copy and I’m making it available for free to anyone joining my mailing list before the end of June.

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Otherwise you can pre- order at your favourite bookstore. Only available in Ebook at the moment but paperback soon.

What’s next?

Well, I am so glad you asked.

I am starting a new series call Browns Books. Traditional Cosy Mystery but this time much closer to what you might expect the genre to offer. I’m recycling characters and settings from the Book of Medicinal herbs. Well, we all know that we should recycle, don’t we?

Set in a rambling old secondhand book shop full of odd characters and with a mysterious death in every episode. I will include all of my favourite things. Cosy areas to sit and read, a cafe with homemade cake and a mystery solving owner who loves old books. Oh, and a parrot. I almost forgot about the parrot. Will you join me there?

cover provisional

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