Road trip, Podcasts and Special Offer

Road Trip. I am sometimes wary of Road trips, hours sat in the car followed by the frustration of not finding what you are looking for. Or worse, finding it only to discover that everyone is doing the same thing and we spend the rest of the day in a line of traffic. This oneContinue reading “Road trip, Podcasts and Special Offer”

Inspired by Authors Past.

The lock-down, the weather, the lack of opportunity to meet with friends’ and uncertainty about future finances have all had a dampening effect on my creativity. I claim to exist in a bit of a vacuum, happy with my own company and with such an overblown and vivid imagination that I never run out ofContinue reading “Inspired by Authors Past.”

Landscape stories: The swimming hole

The countryside around my house is like many rural areas in Spain, gradually emptying there is, however, evidence of a former dying lifestyle. People lived on small farms, anything from a single acre. This was subsistence farming where families produced everything in the house or at least the village and money rarely changed hands. Today’sContinue reading “Landscape stories: The swimming hole”

The story behind New Year’s Resolutions.

It was the Babylonians who made the first formal recorded New Year’s resolutions 4000 years ago. In case you don’t know: They built the city of Babylon near the Euphrates river in Mesopotamia. You can find the ruins of the ancient city in modern day Iraq. (Before the war, now I’m not so sure) TheContinue reading “The story behind New Year’s Resolutions.”

Jo’s Journey. This month’s free story.

Every month anyone who subscribes to my mailing list will get a free short story. This is not the story that you receive for joining, but another completely new story. This month’s story is called Jo’s Journey and it won first prize in last year’s Good life in Galicia writing competition. It is the storyContinue reading “Jo’s Journey. This month’s free story.”

Three blow up animals and a man with a water pistol.

Last weekend traditionally signifies the end of summer here in Sarria. In fact summer both starts and ends with a fiesta. We begin in June with San Juan and end in September with Remedios. For the children the time in between is holiday, for the residents the price of a coffee goes up and weContinue reading “Three blow up animals and a man with a water pistol.”

Mass Murder

It’s out today buy it here Amazon “Have you got an idea for your next book” a friend asked, “Yes five priests get murdered at different points along the Camino,” I answered absently. “How and why” she asked looking horrified. “Well, I haven’t worked out all the details yet but it’s a starting point.” “IContinue reading “Mass Murder”

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