The Camino de Santiago Murders

A series of police procedural type mysteries set in Galicia in northern Spain where a British ex detective is employed as consultant to the local Special Operations Police team.

Ex Detective Chief Inspector Richard Harris wants to forget his old life but when a pilgrim is murdered outside his house he is forced to confront his past and investigate the crime.

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They wanted revenge. He wanted Justice. Chief Inspector Richard Harris wanted the truth.

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Horrified she watched the speeding car push the lone cyclist off the road.

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The Treasure of saint Bee

A Group of friends find lost pieces from a treasure trove. A kind of cosy mystery series.

Alex is the new assistant Vicar at Saint Stephen’s church. When the rector is murdered she decides to find the reason why.

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Esther is offered a rare and valuable book, but it leads to murder and mayhem.

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The mystery of the wooden Box. Jerry is about to ask Alex to marry him when they find a body.

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Can Jerry and Alex without a problem? Of course not, when a body is found in the church they have no choice but to investigate.

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